Dust Mop Treatment With Citrus Fragrance Magnet

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An oil based mop treatment designed to hold dust to the mop or duster to reduce airborne bacteria.


Dust Mop Treatment

A concentrated premium grade product containing specially blended preservative oils to

gather and remove dust from any surface. It prevents dust from scattering. May be used on

furniture, wood work, wood floors, window frames and sills, autos and other dust collecting

surfaces. MAGNET does not contain water so it will not water-stain wood finishes or foul

mop heads. It is wax and silicone free so will not build up on furniture and mop heads.


The mop or duster should be cleaned and completely dry

before applying. Apply MAGNET to the cotton strands of

the mop or duster, using the recommended amount of

solution. Either spray or pour directly into the yarn applying

evenly. If dip treatment is preferred, pour MAGNET into

suitable shallow pan and place mop, strands down, in the

solution. Let mop stand in pan until all solution is absorbed.

Mops and dusters may be treated after initial treatment.

Mop heads can be laundered to remove dirt and dust. Let

dry and repeat the above process. Your equipment will be

ready for further use.


• Removes dust from any surface.

• Prevents dust from scattering.

• Easy to use without spillage or other


• Not only removes accumulated dust, but brightens surface.


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